If you’ve hung around the Lighthouse for a period of time you have heard me remind you, “Isolation is your enemy!” Its true for pretty much everybody, not just people in recovery. In Genesis 2, after creating Adam, God says, “Its not good for man to be alone.” Now that doesn’t mean that we should avoid alone time. Time alone can be a time of growth, rest, meditation, etc… But generally, we have been created to be in relationship.

I’m at my office at Caribou Coffee as I write these words. Somehow I work better when there are people around. As I sit here, I am looking at a table of 12, no 13 women having coffee and conversation. They are loud! 🙂 But that’s okay. I’ve learned to work in such an environment.

And then there are the regular interruptions. One friend just stopped by to tell me he has been reading in John 18. He thinks I need to look at it. He also suggests I look at it in the King James. “Thanks,” I said.

Now you might think I’m crazy to spend my days like this. Let me tell you what I believe is crazy. Pastors shutting themselves up in an office away from the world and humans going through life. Any follower of Jesus, for that matter. I learn a lot from my conversations at Caribou. I have new friends and my life is more rich because of it.

Here’s the deal! God works through community and groups and interaction with other people. I see God’s face and grace on daily a basis. I even pray that someone may see it now and then in me.

I was at a meeting yesterday of people who work in recovery. I was asked to describe the Lighthouse. I said, “the Lighthouse is a life community centered around faith in Jesus Christ.” Its an amazing community. Daily I see God working through the love, acceptance and encouragement of one another. God indeed works through community. Its core to who we are as a people who are following Jesus and loving people as Jesus did.

Well, time to fill my cup. Its starting to thin out around here. The table of 13 is now 3. Still loud though. I think I’ll take a look at John 18. I hope you have a blessed day…and remember, “Isolation is your enemy!”

See you at the Lighthouse,



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