The Big Game

Okay, before you send me nasty messages you should know that I am a huge college football fan. Go Blue!!! (Michigan)

I live in a community where all the talk for the last week has been about the big game. NDSU vs UND. I won’t go into the “bigness” of this game or its history. Most of you already know, and the rest of you don’t care. Hey, I care! I’ll be watching.

What I’m wondering today as the game fast approaches is why don’t those of us who follow Jesus get just as excited about the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? Why doesn’t the transforming power of God get us talking like this? Why don’t people flock to our churches like they do to the Saturday games? Why can we spend so much money on a game but find it so difficult to offer it to God in the offering plate? Why is it easy to spend a whole day devoted to a football game but we complain when church goes over 10 minutes?

Now, don’t call me a spoiled sport. Let me take some responsibility. Perhaps we in the church haven’t always shared the good news of what God has done in Christ Jesus in such a way as it moved people’s hearts. Maybe our churches tend to bore people more than excite them about what God is doing. I wonder if we haven’t communicated in such a way so as the cause of Christ is one that people feel challenged to give their lives to.

Okay, now I will hear from all my pastor and church friends 🙂

As I reflect during the pregame show, I wonder what would happen if we, churches and Christ followers met halfway tomorrow. What if we who lead worship and share the gospel brought the very power and love of God to our people in a clear and compelling way with a bit of the “big game’s” energy? And what if our “church people” brought a touch of the energy of today’s game, threw at least the same in the plate as was spent today, and then this week demonstrated the same passion in following Jesus as we did in the big game? Frankly, tomorrow could be a cool Sunday!

So, my thoughts for what they are worth. I know, its easy to ask questions. I’ll work on a few answers too. I will also do my best to bring a bit more tomorrow. But first the game. I’m not going to tell you who I’m cheering for, but I will tell you what color I’m wearing. God Blue!!!

And finally, for those of you who don’t get the church thing but who are still reading this. Join us tomorrow at the Lighthouse. No judgement, just a lot of love for Jesus and for one another.

See you at the Lighthouse,



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