It Goes Both Ways

I have decided to occasionally share a post from a past life and blog.  Beth and I had the chance to spend time with our son and daughter-in-law this week.  It was so great to see them.  It reminded me of this post from a few years ago.


It Goes Both Ways

Posted on July 12, 2011 by dale
You know how some things benefit you and another, yet not in the same way. We’ll do this and you will get something out of it, and so will I; but it may not be the same benefit. Life is interesting.
Okay, you’ve been wondering how productive I have been on my sabbatical. I’ve told people it is a good gig if you can get it! I’ve read, thought and done a number of things. My highlight so far, breakfast with Sarah!
My daughter Sarah is working hard this summer. She often coaches swimming at 7:00ish in the morning, gives lessons and is a lifeguard, sometimes until 8:00 in the evening. Long days. The cool part is she will usually come home around 9:00 as she is in between jobs and pools. Hence, one of the highlights of my day.
Now I need to say she has high expectations. Not necessarily in the food, but she calls when she is minutes away so I can start the food. Yes, it reminds me of the days when she would text me from the basement and ask for a snack or cup of coffee. Walk up and get it yourself! Somehow this is different. Perhaps it is that I love breakfast. Perhaps it is that she is nearly 21 and only living at home for the summer, perhaps never again except for a visit (yes, I know, be careful, kids have a way of returning).
Today it was french toast. I packed her lunch and dinner as she ate. Another long day. She ate and left talking on the phone. She did pause though, long enough to say “I love you.” God is good. I thanked Him. Life is very short you know. But God is good. He is really good.
For Sarah, it is breakfast. Probably little more, although usually a very fine breakfast if I say so myself. For me, it is a bit more. A chance to give something good to a loved one. A few minutes with one who is growing up too fast. A little conversation with one who doesn’t talk to the “old man” much anymore. A chance to share with my little girl.
“You’re going to be sad when I go back to work,” I said this morning. Yes, she said. No more prepared breakfasts! I will be too, I thought. Little does she know what these few minutes mean to me. For her, it’s breakfast. For me, it feeds my soul.
Sooo, if you are a parent, stop and take a moment to thank God for your blessings. If you aren’t, take some time to see God’s goodness. As difficult as things can be, they are probably numerous. I’m thankful for simple things today. Eggs. A frying pan. A fork. French toast. And yes, a few minutes with one I love.

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