Merry Christmas

It’s all about a little child.  This season of shopping, gift giving, meatball making…the little child is easily forgotten.  It was a humble entrance into this world.  Hardly how one would expect a King to come.  Mom and dad traveling while a baby is on the way.  No smell of baby soap, hand sanitizer or talcum powder. 

Our manger scenes are always so neat and tidy.  Cute even.  There is an unbelievable, unlimited variety.  Big scenes, miniature scenes.  While I was at seminary there was a large outdoor scene but a wiseman kept showing up at different spots on campus.  Mary and Joseph were safe and sound in the manger, but the rogue wiseman just couldn’t stay put. 

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the gift giving and most everything about the season.  I somehow don’t think the world would be better off without all this generosity.  I love the food and the gatherings.  It truly is a wonderful time of year. 

That said, I know that many people struggle tremendously during this season.  Painfully.  It is odd that a time that is supposed to be so wonderful can actually be difficult.  And that is exactly why Jesus came.  We are a people in need of forgiveness, healing and hope.  Jesus came for imperfect people.

I find it interesting that when the angels come to the shepherds, they declare “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to all on whom His favor rests.”

Peace!  It’s the kind of peace that comes within when one knows why we are here.  That we are loved just as we are.  That we are not defined by our struggles or mistakes but by God who has created us and redeems us.  Yes, God is indeed good and we can be friends with Him.  Now that’s cool.

I have an idea.  Take a little time this week, in the midst of all the trimmings and trappings of the season, and thank God for a little Child.  For a manger and humble beginnings.  For letting you know that you are loved by God.  He loves you more than you could ever know.  That’s what Christmas is all about!

See you at the Lighthouse,




In the midst of doubts, has God ever sent you a confirmation.  This has happened in the last week to me.  It’s amazing how God uses His children.  The first simply came in the form of friends support.  Words can mean so much.  God’s word is powerful, as are the words of His children.

I have a friend who for the first time is on a spiritual journey that is bringing joy to her life.  She is so excited.  She is thankful for the ministry of Lighthouse, as is another friend who is finding a burgeoning faith.  God is doing good things in the lives of those of us in recovery through the ministry of Lighthouse.

I have yet another friend and confirmation.  We spent some time together in prayer before church a month or so ago.  He suffers from serious back issues and constant pain.  Since we prayed, there has been no more pain.  God is good!

So perhaps you need a confirmation today.  Be assured that God is good and His love endures forever.  Finally one more friend, in a much different place today.  Her father is dying, any time.  It is often in such times that confirmation from God is most important.  It can be found in the presence of those who love you and a God whose hope means eternity.  The grief is great, but the comfort will come, slowly but surely.  For God is good.  He knows what it means to lose a loved one.  And in doing so brought light into the darkness and peace into the world. 

See you at the Lighthouse,