What are You Thinking?

Don’t you wonder what little ones are thinking?   All these people standing in front of them, talking in funny voices and making goofy faces!  What is going through that young brain?  Are they laughing with us, or laughing at us?  Do they think we are cute or just another idiot?  I wish I knew.

Sometimes when I’ve been at a zoo I’ve wondered if the animals think they are observing us in a zoo and that they have the life of Riley.  We pay money to walk around and look at them lay around, eat, poop, swing, swim, run and whatever else they feel like doing.  Who is in the zoo, I ask you?

So, I’m a grandpa if you don’t know.  I’ll post Jackson’s latest picture from yesterday.  He is adorable.  Looks a lot like his grandpa 🙂  I get to hang out with him quite a bit.  What a joy!  It is awesome to be a grandpa.  He is now four months old and I think he would prefer to be with me more than anyone else.  He sure looks like it when I’m talking to him and making funny faces.

This picture was from 6:00 in the morning.  He stayed over night.  Had slept great, made some noise so I walked in to check on him and was greeted with a huge smile.  He didn’t know where he was, he was sleeping when he arrived.  He just knew grandpa was here!

Yep, it’s nice to be a grandpa.   Grandma and I pray for Jackson every day.  It is a gift and privilege to participate in God’s ongoing creation.  It is an important work.  If you have anything to do with kids I want you to remember that.  They are new creations of God entrusted to us to steward and raise up.  Wow, that’s cool.  We get to cooperate with God as He continues to create!

So, my young grandson, what are you thinking?  Do you just love seeing me or are you happy to be alive?  I hope the latter, whether or not it is the first.  Oh, Oh….or are you pooping?  Oh my, maybe your not that happy to see me.  You just know I’ll have to change you.  This is all a joke to you, isn’t it?  Did your mom put you up to this?

I love you anyway, Jackson.  You are always welcome in my home and in my arms.  May you grow up to know the love of many people but most importantly, God’s love and grace.  I know all about it, first hand.  I will be happy to tell you when you get older.  But now…..where are those wipes?  You little stinker 🙂

See you at the Lighthouse.